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Hello My name is Mona Agarwal. I along with my husband and 3 yera old call Amarillo home and delighted to help you and your family for your dental concerns. I was borna nd raised in Nepal a small country in the Himalayas (yes Mt Everest!). After completing my initial schooling there i finished my basic Dentistry(bachelor of Dental surgery ) from MAnipal university (one of the top universities in India) and came out in the top percentile of the calss.

I moved to United state to pursue my graduate school and enrolled in Dental PUblic Health in Rutgers University, New jersey,

I had the opportunity to do my DDS from the  New York University, New York one of the earliest and most disntighuished Dental school in the united states.

I love spending time with my daughter and husband and love to visit my family and friends.

I am a proud US Army Captain (reserve) . My unit is stationed at lubbock and I do monthly drills with my regimen to prepare to serve the country in time of need.

I  look forward to treating you with compassion and care you deserve and understand dentistry is not something  "someone 's happy  palce".


I need not emapsise more that our office is a family owned and operated pracice and it is NOT a corporate office with any franchise.

All the operations are run by me or my husband Dr Narayan and few carefully chosen associates sometimes in time of need.

You  will always see familiar happy , smiling faces and welcoming environment when you visit us at Oneida Dental.

I along with my awsome staff will like to welcome you to our practice convinently located on the boulevard .



We have digital Xrays which reduce the radiation by more than half over the conventional x rays (film). Our office is fully digital with a state of art Pan to evalute TMJ and growth and development. All our treatment rooms have briight friendly colors , enclosed for privacy  and a flat screen for you to choose a bunch of channels to watch during your treatment.

Our clinic is"Mercury free" so no ugly black fillings. We are open a saturday a month to offer convinence to our patients.

Oneida dental has the the motto for "Family first". We have a clean ,spacious restroom with a changing table and wipes.

 We have  a treasure box to choose awesome prizes from .

The waiting room has coffee, pizza (can get hungry for a pizza!) and ipad loaded with super cool games to play with.

We offer the option of laughing gas to our patients and have it on site. The lab cases are sent to a "made in America" lab around DFW sub-urbs.

I pride myself on offering quality affordable dentistry at  a convinent  location for our patients .


Office Values

Our office value encompasses

· Treat everyone with respect regardless of their social/dental health/appearence

· Provide a treatment plan or plan of action which is in the BEST intrest of the patiient (if I am not able to do a procedure i will not attempt on you i will give you the name and number for the best person to do that for you)

· Honest and strightforward answers for your concerns. Do Not "sell "treatment plans but make you aware about your dental needs regardless of your insurance status.

· Create high standards for stetlisation and instrumnets.

· Ethical and transparent billings system and not trying to penny pinch our patients.

· will try to improve myself everyday and keep on learning by taking courses and installing new technology and instruments for the clinic.



Corporate dentistry

Corporate dental offices are franchise dental offices that are owned by big corportaes and they hire dentist to be "dummy owners". , In my experience the  below standrd dentistry i see aare from patioents who went at these offices. The corporates want profit so badly that they will do anything to squeeze it.

Most of the places like that  have a daily "quota" or production goal" for the doctor. Just imagine yourself being the last patient of the day for this doctor whose "quota has not been met".

I try to present a honest  treatment paln with procedure which is in the best intrest for the patient NOT the CEO of the corportae whose bottom line is ONLY profit.



What makes us different?

At oneida Dental patient comes first and foremost. We provide a warm, comforting enviornment for you and your family even when your tooth is "killing you".

we strive to alleviate dental fear/anxiety by our relaxed atmsosphere and superior staff. We get to know our patients treat them like family and strive to provide them  quality affordable dentistry they need.


Payment options

No insurance ! No problem.

we gladly accept the following methods of payment Cash,Debit card/credit card/ Checks(on verification),VIsa/mastercard/american express.

we also offer to finace through care credit  whose quick appliaction can be done at our odffice as i undertsnd that several patient need payment plan to help pay for treatmnet.

Highlights for using care credit

· upto 12 months zero intrest option

· all family members can use it,

· Low monthly paymnet

· No annual fees.


 Please Remember : We would like to remind our patients that the patients who do a regular 6 month check up have the LOWEST dental expenses.

 With insurances:

Our office try to estimate the insurance payment as correctly as possible but remember its an estimate only. They tell us the exact fee ONLY after the claim is submitted.

Any amout not covered will be your responsibility and you must understand that while dealing with your carrier.


Olivia cepeda (Community relation)

Olivia Cepeda

I was born in Harlingen Texas and raised in Amarillo Tx, I come from a big family, I am the oldest of 5, and a mother of 3. My hobbies would include spending time with my children, and going to their football games. I am CPR certified and I am in the process of becoming a Registered Dental Assistant. I have been with the Oneida Family 3 months, but its like a family to me. I enjoy going to work and seeing the staff and patients. This was a great opportunity for me. I love being able to go and let new people know about our dental office. I'm really excited to see what the future holds for Oneida and look forward to seeing you!



Samantha Valdez, Scheduling cordinator


I was born in Las Cruzes, NM but raised here in Amarillo, TX. I speak English and Spanish fluently. My hobbies would be spending time with my family. I love watching movies and also being outdoors and having fun with people.  I am CPR certified and registered dental assistant. I have been working for Oneida Dental for the past 3 months. It’s been a great opportunity and experience working with such a great staff. Although I am a hard worker, responsible and respectful young adult I love to laugh and make people smile. I love being the person to greet and help the patients. I have experience with dental insurance, treatment plans and customer service and I am always willing to learn new things. I look forward to meeting you at your next appointment. You will not be disappointed.



 Melissa Perez , registered Dental Assistant


I was born in Phoenix Arizona and have been living in Amarillo for four years now. My hobbies would be spending time with my family and loved ones, the outdoors, cars, anything and everything. I consider myself a very respectful and responsible person. I am a proud bilingual Hispanic. I have been a dental assistant for a year now. I love what I do, I like that I get to help the patients out by informing them about their oral health and what they can do to keep a beautiful smile.  I have been working at Oneida Dental for nine months now, it feels great helping children understand why it’s very important to brush their teeth and what can happen if they eat too much candy and so on. It’s an amazing feeling when patients leave happy and satisfied making me appreciate what I do. The staff and I are comfortable with what we do, and how we do things, we are one big team ready to learn new things each day. We hope to see you and your family for a dental check-up.


 Ivet Olvera  RDA

My name is Ivet  I am a RDA at Oneida Denatl I have been here since 3/16,and have been in Amarillo Texas for 3 years .I was raised and born in Dallas Texas ,I love watching baseball and my favorite team are the Texas Rangers. I enjoy my job at Oneida Dental because of my team at the office we make sure we go above and beyond for our patients as far as explaining the economic to the education plans to them . Our Dr’s are also a big help to us pushing ourselves because they are always happy to help and make our patient’s comfortable and  make sure they leave happy. We are all here to help and educate our patients!




Esmeralda,  office manager

I have been working in the front office with Oneida Dental since the beginning of November 2015. I started as a front office receptionist and have worked up to an office manager. I was born in Houston Texas, and have been living here in Amarillo since 2002. I’m a people person and love meeting new people and helping them in any way I can.

            My hobbies include spending time with my husband and family traveling while making memories. I have 6 children with my oldest being 25 and my youngest being 9. I also have 6 children,3 boys and 3 girls, whom I love to pieces. These are memories in the making.

            Here at Oneida Dental we (co-workers) see each other  as family, from caring for each other to making Fun of each other as family. It’s part of having fun and loving your team members. We spend all most half of our time here at the office so might as well make it fun.






Oneida Dental of Amarillo, Texas is a one stop dental clinic, providing almost all Dental procedures at very Affordable prices.

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