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Welcome to Oneida dental, the leading dental office on the Boulevard in Amarillo.

We provide a quality and state of the art modern dental facilities at affordable prices. Our passion is to deliver 21st century dentistry with the focus on professional patient care and well-being.


Our clinic is well known for its friendly staff, skilled dental surgeons, sterilization protocols, painless and most advanced dental services in the area. Due to our commitment to the better services we have become one of the most preferred dental clinics in the town. We also specialize in child dentistry (pediatric dentistry), nitrous oxide sedation, general dentistry, complex root canal treatments, cosmetic dentistry, implants and lot more.


With our unique clinic management protocol we are able to provide appointments to our valued patients at the earliest and as per their convenience.


If you are searching for a good dentist who will look after your teeth and keep your mouth healthy or you are looking for specialized dental services such as single sitting root canal, pediatric dentistry, smile designing, teeth straightening, dental implants, IV sedation, then we can offer all these to your expectations.


Just fill the form in the contact section or call us at 806.553.7877 and our Senior Assisting Staff will be in touch to help you with all your dental problems.

A Comfortable Dental Office in Amarillo

Why we are different?

The very first question which may come in your mind is why we are better than any other dental clinic on the Boulevard.



Friendly staff is highly qualified oro dental surgeon with rich experience in the field of dentistry. The assisting staff is qualified and well trained to assist doctor in dental procedures and at the same time whole team of Oneida dental is known for its friendly behavior.



Well Equipped Center:- Oneida dental is committed to excellence in oral health care. The clinic is nicely designed and well maintained. The center has advanced, modern and fully equipped operatory. We have digital X-ray services and other advanced facilities at our center to provide you best of dentistry.



Strict Hygiene Protocols:- We follow strict aseptic protocols. The center and specially operatories are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected in routine manner. The instruments are cleaned and sterilized prior to any dental procedure to minimize risk of infection. All our staff members routinely follow aseptic techniques. Our center complies with OSHA and other governing body standards. We do not compromise in our sterilization techniques and that is the main reason we maintain zero cross contamination in our patient.



Emergency Services:- Just like medical services, emergency are quite frequent in dentistry. Oneida dental all kinds of dental services and 24/77 on call facilities to its patients.



Comprehensive Dental Care:- Last but not the least Oneida dental is the premier dental center providing all the dental services under one roof. We believe good oral health is key to healthy life and Dr Mona  and  her team  at Oneida dental is committed to provide you the best dental services at affordable prices.



Our Dental Implants

We offer the most diverse procedures in dental implants

Dental Implants

Denture Implants Brooches System

Dental Implants for Fixed Dentures

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Oneida dental Community Dental Care Plan

We care for you

Dentistry is an integral part of health services in United States and quite expensive too. But at Oneida dental we believes in giving to the society. With this aim we provide affordable dental services to the patients from all the socio-economic status without compromising the standards of dental treatment. At Oneida Dental we plan your treatment according to your needs and budget. We have several offers on various dental treatments and regular dental care at Oneida dental. Our center also provides payment options  on various dental procedures which can make even the most expensive treatment affordable. So, at Oneida dental you need not to compromise with your precious teeth, just visit our center and you will be treated like family.








Oneida Dental of Amarillo, Texas is a one stop dental clinic, providing almost all Dental procedures at very Affordable prices.

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